We at GeniusCCTV are a small company with a mission to provide CCTV or live monitoring where other companies can only dream of.

By utilising the UKs vast mobile phone network and specific types of new generation CCTV cameras we can provide you with a quality CCTV/monitoring system where there is no broadband and even no mains electric supply.


Our preferred 4g network provider is EE and these cameras can be bought on eBay just click on the image to go to our eBay shop for more details or to purchase.

GeniusCCTV have developed a range of Night Vision cameras to suit most applications, ranging from a small internal free standing camera, to a large trolley mounted unit ideal for moving around a large farm, this unit includes a heavy duty 12 volt power source with the camera fitted to a telescopic aluminium pole.

Most mobile data SIM cards can be catered for and come in a range of options to suit your specific location. See what mobile signal is available in your location by using the OFCOM tracker HERE

Please contact us with any  questions you may have.

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PRS and PPL fee free Radio

Please Note: The 4g enabled Wireless CCTV re-deployable cameras featured on this website record locally 24 hours a day without using EE Data, but are not intended to be remotely monitored continually although this is possible you may incure large data charges from the mobile phone network provider.
Instore Music Solutions Limited Trading as GeniusCCTV