Save yourself £ 000s by using our Self Contained Outdoor PTZ cameras to provide Event security or monitoring. We have developed a PTZ camera with a 4g Module that operates on a roaming Sim effectively using the best possible Mobile network available in its location.

Position several cameras around your site, power up and watch live images on your mobile, multi LIVE camera view available using dedicated Desktop/Laptop  software.

These cameras can be powered by 12v leisure batteries where no mains is available.

Please use the contacts page to discuss your specific requirements.

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PRS and PPL fee free Radio

Please Note: The 4g enabled Wireless CCTV re-deployable cameras featured on this website record locally 24 hours a day without using EE Data, but are not intended to be remotely monitored continually although this is possible you may incure large data charges from the mobile phone network provider.
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