LIVE Transmission?

GeniusCCTV are working on a system to allow LIVE transmission of video images that can be streamed over a video streaming service. This would be an ideal way of allowing multi user access to LIVE events, where normally the cost would be prohibitive.  In turn this can the be seen on customers mobiles using an APP and can be password protected if required.

Potential Uses:

  • Paint Ball Challenge

  • Land Yachting events

  • Remote Mountain Biking

  • Running races in remote areas

  • Monitor Nesting Birds

  • Skiing

Use our NEW trolley camera with 3 metre camera height and its own 12v battery source giving 6 days of continuous use, fitted 3g mobile module, 1mp fixed lens camera, easily moved with its large pneumatic tyres.


The system is currently in the process of beta testing but if you need more info just use the contacts form

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PRS and PPL fee free Radio

Please Note: The 4g enabled Wireless CCTV re-deployable cameras featured on this website record locally 24 hours a day without using EE Data, but are not intended to be remotely monitored continually although this is possible you may incure large data charges from the mobile phone network provider.
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