So here's the idea, I will supply a metal outdoor camera in the style of the picture fully configured to a 4g Mobile router, same Plug and Play design, just needs 12 volts, the router will be in its own weatherproof container attached to the base of the camera, multi camera options available.

Camera specs below this camera has increased night vision upto 15 metres for fixed lens or 40 metres on the PTZ.

Features include:

  • One Outdoor/Weatherproof camera mounted on a weatherproof box which contains the 4G router etc.

  • 6 Months/12gb or 12 Months/24gb  4g EE access .

  • 240v/12v Power adapter plus 4 metre power extension cable.

  • FULLY Configured ready to fix to wall and power up.

  • Uses Free to DownLoad APP.

  • More cameras can be attached to the one router and will be fully configured if ordered together as a package or a later date.

  • No technical knowledge required. (No need to even open the weatherproof box.)

  • Just  fix it to the wall and plug in, open the APP and see the images full support given.

  • Images recorded onto the built in camera SD Card (32gb included).


EE Reception Map can be found HERE

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Please Note: The 4g enabled Wireless CCTV re-deployable cameras featured on this website record locally 24 hours a day without using EE Data, but are not intended to be remotely monitored continually although this is possible you may incure large data charges from the mobile phone network provider.
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